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I m a US citizen married a Nigerian and petition for him to come to US. separated after 6 month. How can I divorce him?

We wed in his country May 2015. After I petitioned for him to come, he arrive in US May 2016. He’s got a 2 year green card. We split Nov 2016 due to his hostile behavior and hints he could have married me to come to US. I needed to phone the police at that time and he volunteered to leave and told policeman that’s is giving up his right to reside in the home I’ve owned for 8 years. The policemen helped him to remove what personal items that were left in the house. He’d removed most things a week prior to me having to phone the authorities. What’s my obligation and can I file for divorce in the usual manner? Thanks
A: Yes, your divorce would be filed the same regardless.

I have my green card and want to apply for my Citizenship but I have a juvenile record will I get denied automatically?

A: Not automatically. However, you ought to work with an immigration lawyer to find out whether the criminal record is problematic for naturalization. It depends upon the offense.

Does my wife need to update her name on her green card before filing an I-130 for me (husband/spouse)?

I am a foreign national who married my wife who’s a US permanent resident. We got married in the US and she chose my surname upon marriage. (1.) Does my wife, as the I130 petitioner, need to apply for a new permanent resident card with her surname that is upgraded before filing the I-130 or will our US marriage certificate suffice? (2.) Also, she has 3 middle names (Example: Jane Alexandria Victoria Elizabeth Doe). Her permanent resident card has all her old names; however, our marriage certificate just has her first name, first middle name, second middle name initial and my new surname (Example: Jane Alexandria V Thomas). Which name should she include on the I130 in accordance with my first question? Thank you.
A: Immigration law is changing almost daily and it is unwise to put it charitably to try and represent yourself in an immigration issue. Just an Immigration attorney has the expertise to properly fill out immigration forms and put together the appropriate bundle of records and other evidence to support the immigration gains you’re striving to get. Nevertheless, especially in these troubled times, you really should retain an immigration lawyer. This isn’t a do it yourself project! You need to concentrate on retaining experienced immigration counsel, particularly now since Trump is now President that immigration is a whole lot more restrictive.

I won a green card through Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. My question is do I have to maintain my F1 status?

I’m F1 student. I won a green card through Diversity Immigrant Visa Program. My question is do I have to keep my F1 status while looking forward to my Interview?
A: YES! You ought to always keep status while living in the united states.

How can I protect my illegal husband of 20 years from deportation? I’m a US born citizen and we have 3 children.

He entered before we married and got found, so he’d orders. After we married, he voluntarily left, but came back 18 months after, and wasn’t found the second time. He’s got no criminal record other when compared to a seatbelt ticket. Our kids are ages 19, 15, and 12. He doesn’t have an visa. How can he get legalized without having to leave? We have been married 20 years. I’m frightened for him. Will someone please answer me? A: Consider contacting an attorney for a consultation. Scenarios in this way are highly fact specific. There can be a means to assist your husband, but it’s hard to work out without more info. I ‘m US citizen who married my wife in Jamaica. What’s the best option to bring my wife to the United States? Affordable lawyers? What’s the avg. fee rate from beginning to end? To comprehend the process. Is the green card the same as spouse visa? Is there any who applied for Visa has the procedure slowed down because of Trump’s new executive order?
A: The Trump EO should not slow down the processing of the I-130 petition for a Jamaican citizen. Finest method to assess your wife’s situation would be ask for price quotes during the consult and to discuss in a consultation setting with numerous lawyers. Many immigration attorneys offer free consultations. Decide the one you feel most comfortable with and rather who is an AILA member (American Immigration Lawyers Association).

LPR documents requirement when travel outside U.S.

My mom is LPR, and she plans to travel outside U.S. in this summer. After reading the file “Traveling outside of the U.S. – Documents needed for Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR)/Green Card holders” on U.S. Customs and Border Protection website. it says,” Foreign nationals who have applied for permanent residency may need to be qualified for advance parole prior to traveling out of the U.S. In order to be readmitted when traveling back to the U.S. (H1, H4, L1, L2, K3, K4 or V2, V3 holders don’t require advance parole to travel abroad after applying to adjust status.” I wonder, does my mother should file parole earlier in advance in order to be readmitted when traveling back to the U.S. ? Another concern, her green card will expire on March 2018. Is she alright to travel outside U.S. in December? As an LPR, how long can she remain outside U.S.? Exactly how many days can she remain outside U.S. if she travels multiple times during a year? Thank you in advance for your reply
A: For every one of the details either contact an immigration attorney or go to the USCIS office in Denver (schedule a meeting online since they don’t meet non-scheduled parties). An attorney will charge a fee and the USCIS is not going to charge you (but you will have to wait). Innovative parole is for individuals who are applying for PR standing, but have not been granted proper PR acceptance. In other words, provided the green card continues to be valid advanced parole is not normally needed.Within the bounds of “temporary” traveling, there are not any limitations of how many times a permanent resident leaves the US, provided that they still meet the minimum period of time in the US required to keep the PR status (i.e. 6 months or longer outside the US can result in LPR abandonment).For the details of PR necessities review the PR application instructions. The USCIS webpage should also have this information available.Depending on when she files for a renewal and when your mother is outside the US an advanced parole might be deemed necessary.Finally, recall a valid foreign passport AND a valid green card have to leave and reenter the US for green card holders.


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