Business law cases and answers

I was hired as an independent contractor, Cleaning airline offices. No contract has been signed other than terms of

Payment on invoices. Repeatedly, I have been paid and they’ve refused to pay late fees. My payment contact has repeatedly lied about payment being “in the email” so I’ve frozen service until payment is received . Can they fire me for this and do I have rights to fight with that?
A: The firm can terminate the contract at any given time, unless there clearly was a written contract provision preventing it. You aren’t needed to continue to do new services. You will be owed for work already performed even in the event the contract is terminated. In the event you wish to carry on to work with this particular company on those provisions, youwill need to decide.

Is it grounds foqualification if an attorney, reserves the corporate name of a suspended HOA when his client is an owneer/member of the HOA?

The client is being sued by their renters separately athe out attorney gores and allows the corporate name without meaning to renovate the corproration. He then encourages the plaintiffs to visit the IDR procedure on the basis of the governing records to solve problems instead of court but these CCRs cannot be enforced as long as attorney does not restore and holds corporate name.
A: Your question is vague and needs clarification. Additional information are required to give a professional evaluation of your dilemma. The best first step is an Initial Consultation with an Attorney. It’s possible for you to read more about me, my qualifications, awards, honors, testimonials, and media appearances/ publications on my law practice site. I practice law in the following areas of law in CA, NY, MA, and DC: Criminal Defense, Divorce & Child Custody & Contracts, Company, and Education Law. This answer will not represent legal advice; make warranties, guarantees, or any predictions; or create any Attorney-Client relationship.

Do I have to pay FTB fees?

Hello, I was wondering if someone can help me with this. A corporation started in 2014 and since then have accumulated fees to the Franchise Tax Board when I didn’t know better. I used to not do anything with the company, and I owe approximately about 4k in back fees. I recognize the corporation owes that cash and it is going to keep going up yearly. The corporation is currently suspended due to back fees. What should I do? I really can’t afford to pay. What can the authorities do to me if I only do pay? Can they take my personal stuff? If one day I decide to open a business, will this change my business later on? What can happen to a person who does pay, and what are things I can’t do personally if I simply let the suspended corporation is built up on by the taxes?
A: I suggest you consult with a local attorney privately and give him or her all the facts and trades and get a certain advice and plan of action with respect to your personal culpability or lack thereof. Normally, if a corporation complied with the state law and is created properly, is considered a separate legal entity and its responsibility must not create personal liability for its stockholders. The advice presented herein is for general purposes only. It isn’t intended to, and might not be construed as legal, tax or accounting advice. Neither is it meant for solicitation purposes. For specific advice, please consult a lawyer that is appropriate in person. Good luck. Zaher Fallahi, Business and Tax Attorney, CPA.

My wife works for a salon. She is an employee of the company and she doesn’t rent a chair. Her salary is commisson

Her service charges are charged by her employer for each service she provides. Can she wrote those service charges off on her taxes. Her employer said they do not need their workers to do that, however, I do not consider they can do that. Ideas?
A: Talk to a business tax accountant or your tax preparer if you don’t get any answers here on Justia. They would be comfortable with these IRS rules for employees.

Damages on commercial property. Severe damage to my building from my neighbor’s trees and landscaping.

The commercial property owner neighboring the earth raising was lifted by my commercial property behind my building to provide landscaping. A tree and shrubs were planted there and the root systems egressed into the lower wall of our building undermining the building stucco and pushed the wall stud framing off the floor plate. Extensive structural damage to my building including water damage. Who is liable for repairs?
A: It sounds like your neighbor would be responsible. There are loads of questions that are unanswered, and this may actually be more of a tort law problem than a real estate one.Have you ever consulted an engineer or architect about the cause of the structural damage? If it was either the plants or the earth work themselves, it sounds like your neighbor is responsible, but it will be important to know and have evidence regarding the causation.Shoot photos, get statements from engineers or architects regarding the damage along with the reason for the damage, and get a couple of approximations for the price of repair. Then go see legal counsel or two. Good luck to you personally.

Is it illegal to host a paid service that manipulates’s search algorithms by having bots create accounts?

A: You’ve got to look at your supplier arrangements –all the stuff you signed saying “I accept” involved in the chain of your website. Whether your net is supplied by Mozilla or Google or others they have user arrangements. Willing to bet buried in there may be something kind activities specially account creation. You want to watch it because in the event you run afoul of Homeland Security regs your investigator will be from the FBI, you are going to have important searches notably for anything it appears like you disposed of, kiss your harddrive farewell etc. You really have to break down and pay an attorney skilled in user agreements to a) figure out your exposure and how to sturcture to avert it b) if your website needs to be found in a specific state , as it were c) whether it is a good idea for you to be a corporation d) the user deals you’ll request any users/purchasers to sign; You’re past d.i.y. time


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