Cameras in the council

I am so so pleased to see the news today that the Cabinet agreed proposals to stream the council meetings online as a trial for a year.

Now I know that Graham Longley, Julian Ware Lane and Lesley Salter all disagree with this but I think the time to go ahead with this is now and indeed I bought it up in march and in May and at other points.

It is also something that the residents of Victoria Ward also agree is the right thing to do.

We have a chance to get it cheaper as part of the sound system rewiring.  This is a chance for the politics of Southend to become more transparent.

About delthomas

I was the Conservative Candidate for Victoria Ward in Southend. We have had 13 years in which Victoria Ward and the resident's interests have largely been ignored and I stood to help change that. Although ultimately i failed to get in, I led a number of successful campaigns to help the residents of Victoria including finally getting CCTV cameras into the lifts at the Queensway flats, something which the Block Voices, some residents and the Labour Party told me would never happen. Outside of the ward I have also been heavily involved in the campaign to make the Council more transparent by allowing council meetings to be filmed which has now been passed. Outside of politics, I take part in a lot of community voluntary work and you will see me regularly on a weekend as a Street Pastor and I am also involved on the local homeless scene. Please if you have an issue then get in contact with me.
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2 Responses to Cameras in the council

  1. Firstly, please spell my surname correctly!

    Secondly, I am often irked by wild assertions such as “It is also something that the residents of Victoria Ward also agree is the right thing to do”. This is at best inaccurate, if not a terminological inexactitude. I am willing to wager that you have not spoken to all Victoria residents, and that your view is based on a snapshot of opinion. If you want any credibility then please attempt some accuracy.

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