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I m a US citizen married a Nigerian and petition for him to come to US. separated after 6 month. How can I divorce him?

We wed in his country May 2015. After I petitioned for him to come, he arrive in US May 2016. He’s got a 2 year green card. We split Nov 2016 due to his hostile behavior and hints he could have married me to come to US. I needed to phone the police at that time and he volunteered to leave and told policeman that’s is giving up his right to reside in the home I’ve owned for 8 years. Continue reading “Free immigration questions online”

Business law cases and answers

I was hired as an independent contractor, Cleaning airline offices. No contract has been signed other than terms of

Payment on invoices. Repeatedly, I have been paid and they’ve refused to pay late fees. My payment contact has repeatedly lied about payment being “in the email” so I’ve frozen service until payment is received . Can they fire me for this and do I have rights to fight with that? Continue reading “Business law cases and answers”

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Did any classes prove especially useful as you started practicing?

A number of my colleagues believe law schools should offer courses on marketing, trust accounting, business development, starting a law firm, and customer relations. When you have a chance to attend two or a lecture on these topics, by all means do so. But I question the value of those skills classes, taught out of context–also they are not that difficult to figure out on the job. Continue reading “Ask Legal Questions For Free”

Questions About Employment Law

Q.What’s Labor Law?

A. Employment Law or Labor Law concerns the legal relationship between employers and employees. Statutes regarding labor law are found in any respect levels of government, to county and city, from federal to say. Labour law determines the rights and obligations which arise out of a contract. The legislation starts when an employer makes an offer for employment to an employee. Continue reading “Questions About Employment Law”